Today was a hectic day.

At work:
- I tried doing Aboriginal dot painting with the class, but some of my more spirited kids painted all over their hands and made a mess.
- None of my parents have been donating pet food and I had to grub veggies and pet food from another teacher until I can stop at the grocery store tomorrow morning.
- I am behind in grading.
At home:
- Baby duties (I really could’ve just put this alone, because it’s cray sometimes)
- House is a perpetual mess. I think my husband is starting to go crazy from it.
- I am almost a week behind in my course work for my reading endorsement.
- I had to pay to take a test towards renewing my teaching license and the cost makes me nauseous.

I still had so many wonderful little moments throughout the day. My husband had this adorable bonding moment with Zach and hearing both of their giggles made me smile. My morning and late afternoon car rides with the babies were full of Wiggles songs (complete with choreography), babbling, and giggles all around. A few of my students hugged me throughout the day and told me how much they loved me. I went outside and played with the dog (it’s amazing how a tennis ball can make a dog lose it). I got a burst of energy and packed up lunches, snacks, work gear, AND prepped breakfasts. I have a lot to be grateful for and I refuse to lose sight of that.

Happy Easter!

We woke up to two VERY awake babies. There were some morning cuddles, breakfast, and now baskets. And I am proud to say that my healthy snacks were a hit! Hooray for organic fruit snacks and yogurt drops (and to little ones not knowing the difference)!

Side note: I have to say, my in-laws were awesome. I know that they like to give the babies “the good stuff” but they refrained. Each baby got only one sweet treat and the rest were healthy snacks, books, clothes, and toys. I am so happy that they respected my neurotic tendencies. They’re the best.