I had the worst experience ever in public with Luca


Before I talk about it, I wanna start off by saying that I know Luca was 100% in the wrong, but that doesn’t make me change how I feel. It’s a long rant, so bear with me.

We were at Marshall’s and this older lady comes up to me with her dog (normal dog, not a working one) and starts telling me…

He was not wrong. He did not give his consent (which still counts, even with littles) and she kept pushing. He probably felt uncomfortable. She absolutely should not have touched him or called him a bad boy. I commend you for not cussing her out or sticking her in the jaw…I would have.

I’m stressed.

There, I said it. We are in crunch time of test preparations at school, I am behind in grading, I am taking one class (just got dropped from one because I couldn’t keep up with the course load), I worry about being rehired, I am planning the babies’ parties, AND raising two babies. I feel so much anxiety and I’ve been trying to focus on the little things that make me happy but damn, it’s hard to relax and just BE.